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In 2018, I shared my first ever large-scale art installation, Stardust, out in deep playa at Burning Man. It was a 9 foot diameter, slotted plywood spaceship bench with a 10 foot tall illuminated metallic tube with cascading fiber optics shooting out the top.
It was a 2018 Black Rock City Honoraria Grant recipient. 

That was a HUGE accomplishment for an introvert like myself. When I’m at a party
(ha! if only!) and there’s a cat in the house I’d rather hang out with it than talk to humans.

I have 8 cats of my own and I think the induction headcount into crazy cat ladydom is 6. Still, I love cats and happy to be a member. 

My cats help me recharge when I’m feeling drained from too much human interaction. Petting them and feeling them purr in my lap is my favorite way to decompress. And it turns out there’s power in that purr!

I created an umbrella company called Laser Eyes of Love for all my crazy ideas including 2019's Purr Pods with their interactive, healing purrs. And for the second consecutive year, I was awarded the Black Rock City Honoraria Grant and made my crazy idea a reality!

Trust, my second cat-themed installation, was awarded a BRC Honoraria Grant for 2023!
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