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Where do I begin?!

This project is the largest I've dreamed up so far. AND it involves creating in so many ways that are completely new to me.

Designing each sculpture - I asked a friend to 3D scan toy cats so I could have CAD files to develop construction plans. Then there's welding and sculpting the frames; fabricating skin; lighting design; creating laser-like eyes; recording sound and amplifying sound and vibrations; developing interactivity with conductive touch sensors, motion detectors and blue tooth technology; and make all of it modular and collapsible. YIKES!! 

This isn't the first time I've done something like this, as in out of my wheelhouse (see Stardust), so I'm hopeful that I will rise to the challenge!

Follow the brainstorming: Purr Pods and Laser Eyes of Love and my QUEST blog on this website.

Welding Pic - Artist taking MIG 101 @ Dept. of Spontaneous Combustion

Sketches - Paige Tashner

3D Scan Video - Robert Emerick

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All Videos

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