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A friend told me if I was going to dream up a sculpture, dream big. Don't base it on my skills (or lack thereof!) or the cost to build it. Well, the first sketches were definitely dreaming big. They involved fire and towers and giant scratching posts with disco balls. Yes!!

As I sketched and schemed - and still thinking big! - I came up with the concept of the Purr Pods. 


Up to 5 large feline shaped sculptures in a circle, each in a different pose with a built-in bench. They will be constructed with welded metal rod to create the contour of the animals, possibly skinned with metal mesh or ferro-cement to further enhance the shapes, or built using wood and a combination of other materials. Each piece will be illuminated with color changing LEDs and have intense “laser” eyes and fiber optic whiskers. From a distance, playa travelers only see 1 or 2 of the cats at first but, as they get closer, they will discover the colorful clowder. During the day, the sculptures can provide shade as well as a restful place to sit. By night, the glowing laser eyes promise mischief and draw participants in to explore the curves of the cats. When petted, these kitties purr!

2020: The Purr Pods that made it to Burning Man weren't too far off of the original concept!

Follow along as I continue to figure things out: Purr Pods and Laser Eyes of Love and my QUEST blog on this website.

Concept Sketches - Paige Tashner

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