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Nope. Not eye surgery.


You’ve seen it. Photos of cats (and other animals) seemingly shooting laser beams back at you.

I call that “Laser Eyes of Love” and my four rescue siblings, one rescue tuxedo, two rescue tabbies and my queen kitty make them frequently.

And it’s also the name of my company. Why? Because!

I wanted a blanket company name for current and future art projects and Laser Eyes of Love fit the bill! Meow!


In 2018, I came up with an idea for an art installation for Burning Man and received a Black Rock City Honoraria to make that happen. With an additional fundraising campaign through Hatchfund and the help of many friends, Stardust, made to the playa!

In 2019, I dreamt so much bigger and brought the Purr Pods to Burning Man. Purrr...

Logo Concept - Paige Tashner

Logos - Sarah Taylor

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