Nope. Not eye surgery.


You’ve seen it. Photos of cats (and other animals) seemingly shooting laser beams back at you.

I call that “Laser Eyes of Love” and my four rescue siblings and my queen kitty make them frequently.

And it’s also the name of my company. Why? Because!

I wanted a blanket company name for current and future art projects and Laser Eyes of Love fit the bill! Meow!


In 2018, I came up with an idea for an art installation for Burning Man and received a Black Rock City Honoraria to make that happen. With an additional fundraising campaign through Hatchfund and the help of many friends, Stardust, made to the playa!

This year I am dreaming bigger and I'm so excited to bring the Purr Pods to Burning Man. Purrr...

Logo Concept - Paige Tashner

Logos - Sarah Taylor