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Autumn Lights Festival 2020

Strange times call for creativity! In 2017, I found some mind-blowing inspiration at the Autumn Lights Festival on Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA and went on to create Stardust a few months later. It's just so fricking cool! The lights, the gardens, the people in awe. Magical.

Well, since 2020 is a shit show, folks are figuring out how to do fun things that would normally bring out the masses by going virtual. Burning Man did it! And the Autumn Lights Festival is doing it too - and lucky for me! The Purr Pods will participate from Point San Pablo Harbor where they've been living thanks to We Are From Dust. I've already submitted tons of video of us working on Vega and Luna to get them ready and time-lapses of sunsets and lights tests. Of course, while we were doing the tests, we found out the battery powering the cats is toast so that will be replaced shortly. If all goes well, I will going live in front of the sculptures for an artist chat in October during the festival. Stay tuned!!

We always welcome collaborators in this creative adventure. Meow!

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