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Autumn Lights Festival 2021

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

ALF2021 was a huge success. So many happy, masked people exploring The Gardens of Lake Merritt, checking out all the the amazing art installations. *happy dance*


There will be Glow Cats (aka Demure Le Purr) sculptures at the Autumn Lights Festival in Oakland, CA, October 14th - 16th. Woo hoo!

It's the festival's 10th Anniversary.

Glow Cats / Work In Purrogress
Glow Cats / Ready for ALF 2021!

Last year we were virtual at Point San Pablo Harbor with the Purr Pods. It was pretty cool.

I'm trying something a little different with these cats. They'll be painted with UV-reactive paints and illuminated with black lights so they'll be glowing with crazy colors. The sculptures are available for purrchase too!

They have to stay put until after the festival but I'll have a poster in the art market with the information if you're interested - or email me at purrpods (at) gmail (dot) com.

10% of the sales will be donated to the festival if purrchased before the end of the event. My plan is to sandblast the paint off and galvanize them. The new owners get to choose the powder coating colors.

If you're in - or plan to visit - the Bay Area, check it out! This is a beautiful space and there will be tons of illuminated art and art cars. There will be food trucks, adult beverages and music.

The Glow Cats are 46 on the map near the Bonsai Garden.

COVID-19 protocols will be in place to ensure safety for all attendees.

Original Sketch and Images for Glow Cats Submission


Actual Sculptures in the Wild

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