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Building Another Kitty/Rings!

If you've got a couple hours to spare this weekend, we'd love to see you! Purr...

Work Parties

Saturday, June 22nd and Sunday, June 23rd 12pm - 6pm We can work later if the mood strikes. Show up anytime**, leave whenever you need to.

If you're available during week days, we could use you then too. Let me know.

**Please let me know when you're coming, include your phone number, by sending me an email:

purrpods (at) gmail (dot) com

Where: Terra Incognita, 420 Ohio Avenue, Richmond CA, 94804 We're in the front shop - just holler through the screen door!

What: Be prepared to get dirty and's fun! Wear cotton clothing…we are grinding metal and throwing sparks. Bring work gloves and a water bottle. We'll have drinks and snacks.

I'm still looking to build a solid team to come to my Richmond, CA shop a few hours a week. Yes, there's a lot of busy work, but that is so important!

And no matter the task, each volunteer is helping to build giant cat sculptures as a team member (my Zoomies!).

THE MOST IMPORTANT TASK THAT HELPS ME SO MUCH... * Wash metal rings (welded together to construct sculpture)

Other Very Important Tasks * Grind welds (we'll teach you!) * Finish assembling Cat Form #2 if needed * Cover Cat Form #2 with chicken wire * Cover Cat Form #2 with drywall papier-mâché

Special Help - Folks with this knowledge and these skill sets - I need mew!! I have ideas of what I want to do but need folks with some experience to help me get there. * Welding - experienced, please. * Structural Engineering - safety! * Materials Selection - something better out there? * Lighting - LED/Interactive/Sound Reactive * Electronics - Capacitive Touch/Motion Sensing/Power * Sound - Vibration/Sensory/Audio/Speakers * Fabricators

If you'd like to help or know someone in the Bay Area who would be interested to receive notification for future work parties, sign up HERE!

Thank you! >^..^<

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