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Burning Man 2020/Multiverse

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

New and pretty amazing things can emerge from (for lack of a better description) the shit show that was 2020. During the same week as Burning Man would have taken place, 8 multiverses came online. I've been playing in two of them. I have more thoughts on that over in The Meowltiverse. *************************************** Wow. Things have changed since the last update. The world is hunkering down, practicing social distancing, making masks and other personal protection gear for frontline workers (healthcare, safety & rescue, veterinarians, grocery store clerks, delivery folks, mail carriers) as COVID-19 infects hundreds of thousands of people, killing indiscriminately. I'm furious at our government for wasting time denying the virus was serious, calling it a Democratic hoax and angry at the people who believe the POS in the White House; sick with sadness for victims and their families; frightened of the unknown. But I am fortunate to be able to stay at home as much as possible, avoiding contact and potential exposure to the virus. As an introvert, it is a pass to stay home without feeling guilty about not wanting to be around other people. I'm also fortunate that I have a husband I get along with and six indoor kitties who enjoy my company. I can't even begin to imagine what it is like for the extroverts, the people living alone, people who cannot stay home, the people in abusive relationships, the people with compromised immune systems. The greed and indifference spewing out of this administration is overwhelming. Price gouging; the treatment of minimum wage works, nurses and doctors by corporations is disgusting; shipments of PPEs heading to hospitals getting swiped by the Federal Government; panic buying; blatant voter's all too much sometimes.

On Friday, April 10, 2020, Burning Man - the building of Black Rock City - was cancelled. It was the right thing to do and most people knew it was coming. No one knows how long this is going to go on. What a decision to have to make! And we were reminded that Burning Man is not the event but rather a community. And this year's theme is The Multiverse. Indeed! There are plans to create a virtual event. I'm heartbroken for the artists who have already spent so much time and money on their projects. This will be the first year since 2005 that I haven't been traveling to TTITD. However, I am getting ready to build Cat #5! Thanks to We Are From Dust, I'll be building art during the time of COVID-19. Read more about that amazing project here.

I hope that great and amazing things come out of this time in our history. We've already seen the collapse of our systems - health insurance tied to jobs, health care in a pandemic, government exploiting the poor, etc. - while witnessing an evolution in how people are caring for each other. We have a big election coming up and I hope the revolution is strong.


Update: No third consecutive year for a Black Rock City Honoraria.

That's OK! I'm excited for the other applicants and can't wait to see what they create.

I haven't given up on the idea of bringing a Purr Pod sculpture to Burning Man yet!

I have a crazy idea - of course - and have talked to my favorite project manager at Hatchfund to see about doing a fundraiser to make it happen! Stay tuned!


I submitted my Letter of Intent for the 2020 Black Rock City Honoraria Grant. It felt weird NOT to submit something this year, so I did! 

It's a Purrsonal Purr Pod you can crawl into to chill with disco ball portals into the Multiverse!  >^..^<

On December 17, 2019 I received an email from the Burning Man Arts and the BRC Honoraria Committee inviting me to submit a full proposal! I wasn't really expecting that and had already let the idea go. Nothing like an incredible challenge to get the creative juices flowing again!

Once again, I called on my talented friend, Molly Gregory, to help me put the insane images in my head to paper.

This is what I hope to accomplish if chosen to receive an Honorarium...

Physical Description

A Volkswagen Beetle-sized steel cat stretches out fully on the dusty playa, seemingly ready to play or pounce, with its butt and tail high in the air. Little sparkly flashes of light emit from the feline as the desert sun reflects off the mirrored disco ball butthole and eyeballs.

The elongated pose of the sculpture invites visitors to cuddle up in the curves of the cat. Multiple petting pads generate deep, rumbling purrs with a simple touch.

Engraved messages of love and encouragement on colorful acrylic discs dot the sides of the cat.

Tucked underneath the tail and shiny butthole and through the haunches is the entrance to the belly of the beast, the purrfect place to hunker down. Surprises await inside.

At night, color-changing lights, glimmering eyes and disco booty attract ailurophiles like cats to laser pointers.

A nearby human-sized cat scratcher supports the solar panel and hides the battery while providing a place to sit and watch people play with the Purrsonal Purr Pod.


Participants are drawn to the easy-to-recognize shape of the giant kitty and immediately want to pet it, give it some serious playa love and climb on it.

The spinning, mesmerizing, mirrored disco balls in the eye and butthole locale draw denizens into the multiverse with glints of infinite possibilities.

While exploring the shape of the sculpture, playa citizens can crawl into and relax inside the belly of the Purrsonal Purr Pod, a cavern to shelter the weary from the heat of the day and the swirling, frenetic energy of the night.

Inside the blacklight-illuminated belly, visitors playfully bat at UV reactive bird, mouse and fish bone mobiles. As they lay down on a fluffy pile of hairball body pillows for a catnap, low frequency purring - proven to relax souls and lower blood pressure - happens on demand through touch capacitive petting pads. The sound reactive, light pulsing, radiating heart keeps rhythm with the purring.

Stay Tuned!

Notifications go out late February/early March.

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