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Cat Form #2

Cat Form #2 is ready to be cut!! But it will have to wait. I'm shivering with antici.........................................................pation.

Thank you, Heather Blaikie - again!


I wish we had room in the shop for all three cats to be in there at one time!

I'm at a very intimidating, yet thrilling, juncture. It's time to sculpt! I've been looking at all kinds of metal art online and am still not 100% which materials to use or direction I'm going.

Assembling the plywood form, stapling the chicken wire, slathering on the drywall mud papier-mâché...those things were a piece of cake compared to the sculpting and welding I'm heading toward. But it's time to jump! And like cats, I hope to land on my feet.

You can help by sharing this project with your friends and family who love art, cats, art about cats, artistic cats, etc. And if you haven't already, please consider making a catribution to our Hatchfund (powered by FundRazr) campaign. The funds go directly to creating the forms and getting the Purr Pods out to the playa.

Thank mew!

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