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Updated: Apr 1

Folks are smitten kittens for the Purr Pods everywhere they go.

You can have a Purr Pod of your own!

At this writing, two of the original three sculptures that went to Burning Man in 2019 have been bringing joy to the public in downtown Salt Lake City since November 2020. Prior to that, Luna and Vega gloriously lounged at the wonderful Point San Pablo Harbor in Richmond, CA where they shared the grounds with art from Peter Hazel (Niloticus), Kate Raudenbush (Futures Past) and Michael Christian (Asterpod). The third cat, Scooby Doo, will soon be revealed at The American Museum of the House Cat in Sylva, NC when more people are vaccinated.

My first Purrsonal Purr Pod lives in Oakland and is becoming a recognizable landmark!

And the my latest Purr Pod, Bristol Boo, is gracing the grounds of the ameowzing Ashton Court Estate in England!

Big, biscuit-making thank mew to We Are From Dust for loving the Purr Pods so much and helping me send them out into the world for more people to experience them.

Point San Pablo Harbor

Salt Lake City

Bristol, UK

Smaller scale Purr Pods are in the works!

I've created 1/3 scale sculptures I call Demure Le Purr. One will be traveling to Salt Lake City with me when I de-install the Purr Pods in late April/early May. This one is going in a gallery. A gallery!!!

They're fabricated the same way as the large kitties - very labor intensive but the results are ameowzing! - and can be powder coated in a limitless number of colors.

I've also produced the Peek-a-Boo Purr Pods, large kitty heads sculpted from an original large cat form.

The full sized Purr Pods sculptures are also available!

So, yes! I am taking commissions! >^..^<

Please contact me at purrpods (at) gmail (dot) com for prices and options.

Thank mew!

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