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Art is essential.

We turn to music, movies, TV, books, museums, theater, art galleries, art walks and public art for comfort, education, inspiration and escape and often give art to and/or make art as gifts for loved ones.

It seems like my cat sculptures are bringing some joy out there in the world. I would love to continue to create them and explore and experiment with more sizes and materials to make them even more accessible for anyone who wants to bring one home.

In order to do this, I'm asking for general support in the way of donations (or as I like to call them, Catributions!) from friends, family, fans, art lovers, cat lovers, public art supporters.

Any and all money sent goes to pay shop rent, buy materials, tools, equipment and supplies, pay for services like CNC work and transportation, and to help keep me afloat so I can continue to create.

If you're able and inspired to do so, please consider supporting my art through a donation. One time is great. Ongoing will help me build a stable and realistic financial plan. Please share this page and donation link (below) with all your art and animal loving friends. Other donations options are available.

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