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Glow Cats 2: Electric Boogaloo

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

The Glow Cats got an upgrade when I was commissioned to create a new one.

The original cats were painted for one exhibit that turned into two. They were sprayed with a rust-prohibiting, oil-based, white primer, then each ring was hand-painted with UV-reactive, acrylic, water-based paints. After that, I sprayed the cats with a clear coat to, hopefully, protect the colors from fading. The acrylic didn't stick to the primer very well and some of the colors required multiple coats but the results were spectacular! However, the colors did fade when left in the sun...granted, the cats were on the roof of my garage. So when I got the commission, I decided to sandblast the original sculptures and start from scratch.

Their new and improved finish took a lot of online research, phone calls and emails with paint manufacturer reps (one works for Disneyland and supplies the special paint for the Haunted House!) and sales people and a long hunt to source enough of the UV-protective (but doesn't impact the effect of black light!) clear coat to make it happen. I needed a gallon for all three cats and I had to seek out and buy one quart at a time.

These kitties were first galvanized, then I took off the drips with flap discs, files and sandpaper. Then I brought them in to be professionally sprayed (I don't want to set up a spray booth in my garage!) with a 2-part epoxy enamel white primer. After that, I hand-painted 95% of their rings with fluorescent, enamel, automotive pinstriping paint. I left a few rings bare because the white looks really cool. It took two weeks, sometimes 10 hours at a time to finish them but the colors really look ameowzing! Then I had them sprayed again with the clear coat. Whew! Because of the extra work and special (and expensive!) finishes and extra time with the painter, these cat sculptures go for a bit more.

Purricing for the Glow Cats is based on pose/size.

Mini Luna and TomCat Poses (Reclining/Lounging Cats) - $5700**

Size: Approx. 21" H x 23.25" W x 37" L; 30-35lbs

Mini Vega (Sphinx Pose) - $6000**

Size: Approx. 21" H x 19" W x 52" L; 40-45lbs

Commission: 50% deposit; 50% remaining balance due before finishing; final balance due on delivery.

**Does not include shipping/delivery costs.

Note: You'll need to point black lights (UV-A light, ultraviolet light) at the sculpture to create the glowing effect. There are so amazing options available for both indoor and outdoor installations. If you need help with this, I am here for you!

I do recommend that these sculptures live in a shadier section of your garden/yard or home. Fluorescent colors will fade over time. The UV protective clear coat drastically slows that time down but doesn't guarantee the colors won't fade. And having the kitties avoid direct sunlight will also help out...just like any other piece of colorful art, photo or fabric!

The Purrocess

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