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Glow Cats at PDXWLF2023

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

February 6, 2023

Meowzers! The Glow Cats look ameowzing in their mew spot at 901 SW 1st Avenue in Downtown Portland. AND the Underwater Psychedelic Disco Cat Box is sharing the spotlight with them!

Photo by Me
Photo by Maryia Dewey / IG: @skylives2sail

Me and Sian / Photos by Sian and Missy


The Glow Cats are returning to the Portland Winter Light Festival in 2023!

This year, they're more colorful and glowy thanks to an upgrade in their fur, uh, I mean, finish. Purr...

Mew colors on display at the Ruth Bancroft Garden of D'Lights show. Photo by Earl Ruby.
Photo from PDXWLF2022 at GiftyKitty. Photo by Brett Nemecek.

Last year, two of the cat sculptures appeared downtown at Pioneer Place and a third had the honor of gracing the front window at GiftyKitty on North Mississippi.

Glow Cats at PDXWLF2022

More information on their mew finish here...

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