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Golden Guy Gallery

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

...and beyond.


Yes, this is also the place to learn about the Underwater Psychedelic Disco Cat Box at the Portland Winter Lights Festival 2023!

The Underwater Psychedelic Cat Box is an unexpected and surreal 3D blacklight cat-themed shadow box. Everything in the box from the cats doing cat and non-cat stuff with and on cat and non-cat things to the trippy walls, ceiling and floor of the cube will glow with UV/Blacklight-reactive paint. It's colorful and swirly in the daylight too!


The Underwater Psychedelic Disco Cat Box was a success at the Autumn Lights Festival 2022!

This piece was originally created for the Golden Guy Gallery at Burning Man this summer (2022). But since it survived the harsh elements and participants in the Black Rock Desert, I wanted to share it with The Gardens at Lake Merritt's visitors for this super fun event!

Because the box was open in the front, it got super dusty and some of the pieces came unglued. I gave the piece some much needed TLC. After blowing out and wiping off the dust, I added some UV-reactive Mod Podge to the Disco Cats to make their disco suits really glow, reattached mirrors, touched up the paint and reassembled everything.

At Burning Man, the Underwater Psychedelic Disco Cat Box was mounted inside a wall of frames. For the Autumn Lights Festival, I wanted the piece to be free-standing so little kids could peer inside.

Straight lines and exact measurements are sort of my Kryptonite, so I enlisted my partner in crime - and art - to help me make a protective enclosure that could sit on a stand.

The 11th Annual Autumn Lights Festival ran October 13th - 15th, 2022.

It was a huge success!


Back from Burning Man. Wow!!!

The Underwater Psychedelic Disco Cat Box was a success!!!


Honored to have been selected by the Golden Guy Gallery to bring an art box to Burning Man 2022! I drew up a simple plan for the submission and, of course, it has morphed into silliness.

The theme is now Underwater Psychedelic Disco Cat Box. I played with the combinations of words, even had a public vote! :D And, true to form, I have no idea what I'm doing but having fun figuring it out. Received my pre-made box from GGG to reuse. I liked the swirly uv-reactive paint that was already in there but I felt the piece wouldn't be my own if I didn't start from scratch. Had more than half of a pint of Kilz primer so I got to work right away.

Drew the psychedelic scene by hand.

UV-Reactive Paints. Looking forward to seeing the color combos under blacklight.

Stand by for purrogress pictures!!

Art is essential but it costs money to create and share.

The Golden Guy Gallery is asking for donations to help build and maintain the gallery, transport and store it. Any amount will help out!

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