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Here, Kitty, Kitty!

Updated: Dec 21, 2020


I found out at the end of October 2020 that Salt Lake City wanted to host my kitties!

It was a quick turnaround to remove them from their cozy litter box at Point San Pablo Harbor, clean off the cobwebs, install more lights, upgrade some of the electronics AND build platforms for their public life. Follow their next life here.



Point San Pablo Harbor and Nobilis were temporarily closed to the public during the California's recommended stay at home safety recommendations. They re-opened for social distanced exploration mid-September and introduced a new restaurant, Black Star Pirate BBQ that has a lovely patio for safe dining and certainly offer take-out.


I was inspired by Dana Albany whose sculpture,Tara Mechani, donned a protective mask and gloves. So, I responsibly ventured out to PSPH and put masks (made with dish towels, paracord leftover from making the Devils Food Cupcake and zip ties!) on Vega and Luna. >^..^<

I wanted to do something uplifting and show support for health care workers and providers, first responders, grocery workers, delivery people, public transportation folks and everyone else who has been deemed essential and is helping us through this crisis.

We see you. We appreciate you. We love you. Be safe. Stay healthy.

Vega, Luna and me practicing COVID-19 safety.

Meowzers!!! Vega and Luna are happily curled up on their new cat box at Point San Pablo Harbor tucked behind the restaurant, Nobilis.

We Are From Dust is bringing interactive art out into the world and supporting the artists who make it, like me! >^..^< I was at the end of my time at my shop, working on another cat - a Purrsonal Purr Pod! - and finalizing details of moving two of the original Purr Pods. My friend, Wes, and my husband, Will, were instrumental in getting things ready to go.

Wes and I made the call to pull the welded parts of the new cat off the form and transport them to my house until we figured out where we could finish welding the sculpture back together, add supports and send it off to the powder coaters. Not enough time and the cat was easier to move in pieces. Plus we had two other giant cats to move! The weather had been super windy and rainy except for the day we moved Vega and Luna. Yay!!! We had extra hands come and help move the cats which made it go so much faster. Yay again!! Thank you to Kenneth Clemmer, Wolfgang Harland, Wes Skinner, my shop mate, Jeff, Daryl (forklift driver at PSPH) and two visitors who happened to be there and lent a hand for helping out! Hopefully this weekend we'll have the solar installed and the cats powered up! RAWR!


Great big thank you to Dave Abel! We got solar all set up, the lights are working and the Purr Pods are doing what they do best. Purrrrrrrring!

Follow the purrogress in photos!

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