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Not Kitten Around!

It's really time to herd the cats. Lots to do in a short amount of time.

I need mew!

We need to establish a final timeline and assign tasks to folks who can commit to those tasks for at least 4 hours in the next month. We'll talk about what's coming up and what needs to be tackled right meow in addition to doing some work.

On the roster for discussion and doing:

* Grinding Welds (we will teach you!)

* Washing Rings for Cat #3 (we're in the home stretch!)

* Reinforcing/Structural Welds (need experienced welders)

* Fabricating Box that houses Controllers (I have a design in mind)

* Fabricating Housing for Lights (hope to have some solid ideas soon)

* Creating access hatches/latches for each sculpture (need access on playa)

* Materials Selection - something better out there?

* Lighting - LED/Interactive/Sound Reactive

* Electronics - Capacitive Touch/Motion Sensing/Power

* Sound - Vibration/Sensory/Audio/Speakers

Let's talk, assign roles, make plans and do some work AND enjoy some delicious homemade carnitas and veggie taco fixings from Cupcake!


We need a head count.

Carnitas or Veggie? Both?


Sunday, June 30th

Noon - 5:00pm

We can work later if the mood strikes.

Show up anytime, leave whenever you need to.


Terra Incognita, 420 Ohio Avenue, Richmond CA, 94804

We're in the front shop - just holler through the screen door!


Be prepared to get dirty and's fun!

Wear cotton clothing…we are grinding metal and throwing sparks.

Bring work gloves and a water bottle.

Lunch, snacks and drink provided.

If you'd like to help or know someone in the Bay Area who would be interested to receive notification for future work parties, sign up HERE!

Thank you! >^..^<

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