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Peek-a-Boo Purr Pods

Updated: 3 days ago

Thank mew to all the kitty lovers who ordered a Peek-a-Boo Purr Pod!

Meeeeeowwww! This whole project turned out better than I imagined! I got more orders than I expected and the colors are gorgeous! I may have to do this again. >^..^<


So many ideas!!! I have some smaller kitties in the works but in order to move forward with prototyping them, I need to bring in a little income. So, I'm making a few Peek-a-Boo Purr Pods to sell!

Peek-a-Boo Purr Pod

“What’s that in your garden?! Over there!!

There’s a giant cat peeking up at me. How cute!!!”

Well, that’s the conversation in my head. But still!

Imagine a sweet kitty face (ears, nose, cheeks and eyes (created with negative space)) emerging from your garden, or hanging out on your roof, or even - and go with me here! - mounted to the top of your car!

The sculpture is created from the actual form I use to sculpt my big kitties, the Purr Pods.

Each head is hand-built over the top of the form and has it’s own unique pattern of metal, welded rings.

The sculptures cast gorgeous shadows from sun during the day and landscape lights at night.

Order now! I can build 3 to 4 right now (Late June/Early July 2020). The form is built, I have a shop.

Once I’m done with my current project (Cat #5 for We Are From Dust), the form will be disassembled and put into storage. Cat heads will cost a lot more if I have to re-assemble the form. Just saying. >^..^<


Base Price $300 Deposit $200

Local Pick Up $ 0

Delivery Let’s chat!

Color $ 0 - 200 +



Mild steel, square tubing rings, MIG welded together to create the shape.


A typical Peek-a-Boo Purr Pod is approximately 36” W x 36” L x 21” H and weighs about 40lbs.


Raw - Free

It will rust but you have the option to paint (with a rust resistant outdoor paint) and seal it yourself!

Powder Coated - Price Varies, min. $200 additional cost

Choose from a wide variety of standard and specialty colors.

Powder coating will help the sculpture last for years.

Price depends on color and availability.

Cardinal Paint


Tiger Drylac


Contact me before July 21, 2020 (extended!) to order your Peek-a-Boo Purr Pod at this price.

Friends and family discounts available!

purrpods@gmail.com Thank mew!!!

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We always welcome collaborators in this creative adventure. Meow!

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