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Purr Pods - Activate!

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Form of...Black Rock City Honoraria Grant recipient!

Holy shit!!! The Purr Pods are going to Burning Man. At first, I was stunned. Then I was ecstatic. And then I was, "Oh crap! I have to actually make them now!" I did a lot of research and talked to a lot of people about how to go about this. Still sort of in the woods here. But a big thank you to Sarah Taylor for once again coming up with some fun logos for both the Purr Pods and Laser Eyes of Love.

Another thank you to Jessica Henricks and Ryon Gesink for talking to me about materials and sculpture, Eric Bublitz of Soulmind Studios for letting me pick his brain about CNC options, and Heather Blaikie for the CAD design direction. I've also emailed a couple fellow mutant vehicle owners about sound as well as an old pal and sound engineer, Kelly Berry, about purring. A super big thanks to Burning Man Arts and, of course, my husband, Will, who is less than thrilled that I will be taking over all our space and time with another huge art project. Welding 101 and an introductory class in blacksmithing is under my belt...just in case. I've had one meeting with Heather to talk about how to lay out the CAD design to help with planning and welding. I'm working with Ryon on getting up to speed with bending and welding the materials I've chosen. I'm meeting with Josh Zubkoff to talk to him about assembling a skilled crew and how best to lead them. Then I'm meeting with two neighborhood Burners about sharing their shop space. Little steps. Another season of figuring things out to make big art that I hope people will enjoy. Weeeeeee!!!!

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