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Purr Pods Power, Activate!

Form of, well, Purr Pods!

We were blessed with another window of beautiful weather as we prepped the cats for their power.

Daryl moved a log! Dave come out and installed the solar power, charge controller and battery. Will finished connections. Mercy and Amy helped with installing the hearts and digging trenches. Everyone lifted the cats onto the sawhorses.

It was a slow process and, of course, I have to go back to tie up loose ends but MEOWZERS! The cats looks really amazing out there.

Lights and purring worked great!!

My big concern is how long the speakers are going to last. It is very damp out there next to the Bay. Luckily I'm so close and it's not that hard to round up 3 extra helpers during the week.

Can't wait to see and hear people's reactions to their presence.

Visit the Vega and Luna at Point San Pablo Harbor behind Nobilis.

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