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Purrfect Build Day

Man, oh, man! I am a lucky kitty. Not only did my new shop mates, Jeff and Caroline, kick ass at clearing out the shop but my friends, Lisa and Heather (also the CAD designer!), showed up and all together we built a rolling platform (Well, Jeff did that by himself. Impressive!) and pieced together a giant cat. Meowzers!!!

Thank goodness for friends and talented colleagues who are willing to help out on a beautiful weekend. It was 4/20, our address is 420 and yes, we worked at 4:20. :)

Find more photos of this project on Flickr.

So, now I know this is going to be successful and I need a little help from all lovers of ambitious art. I did the math and each form costs nearly $3,000 for materials, design and CNC time. I really believe this route is going to make the best sculptures but holy moly! Please consider contributing to the Purr Pods Hatchfund (powered by FundRazr) campaign. Spread the word!

Thank mew! >^..^<

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