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I'm so psyched! Made serious purrogress on Cat #1 yesterday.

And one of the main reasons was that my friend Rolf came to the shop and washed the machine oil off of metal rings the whole time he was there. That freed me up to just grab rings, hot glue them into patterns on the cat and tack weld them into place. It literally saved me hours that I could use to focus on the task as hand. THAT'S what work parties do! Whoo hoo!!

I need mew! Like right meow!

There is a lot of busy work with this project and I could use all the paws I can get. Washing those rings is a HUGE help. A second set of hands to help hot glue them is super helpful too! We need to prep the yard where we'll be doing the electric and sound installation (killing the weeds with a non-toxic weed killer, setting up a carport and shade structure). I'm going to paint each cat to prevent rust so that's a big task that could be knocked out by a few people. Then we have Cat Forms #2 and #3 to build and repeat this whole process. So you see? I really do need you! >^..^<

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Check the Purr Pods Facebook page.

And, of course, Instagram.

I'm also at the shop nearly every day and I do there work evenings too so if you don't want to give up a weekend there are more opportunities to help out!

And if you are an experienced metal worker, I REALLY need your help: Welding Expertise * My welds are pretty sloppy at the moment and I'll need tons of help securing the pieces * Creating a support structure underneath each cat (no idea how to do that) * Metal shaping (I'm suing 1/4" rod for design elements)

This fundraising campaign allows me to pay for the metal rings and the wood and the chicken wire and drywall and the drinks and snacks for my Zoomies (Purr Pods helpers!) because the funds are immediately accessible - and greatly appreciated!!

Please share the link to the Hatchfund (powered by FundRazr) campaign with all of your friends and family. Every single catribution makes a difference. The world is crazy so let's add some crazy art to balance it out. Purrrrrrr....

Thank you!

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