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So Many Decisions

Still figuring out the method to my madness that is the Purr Pods. Since I have absolutely no experience in constructing large scale metal things, I'm hesitating on how I'm going to build them. But I'm also feeling the pressure to figure this stuff out as soon as possible. Ugh!

I had a great talk with Lostmachine Andy, who has created and collaborated on some incredible art. He walked me through the method he and his crew at Flat Rat Studios in Portland, Oregon used to make one of the two hearts that were in the Embrace sculpture in 2014.

They made a wood form covered in hardware cloth and drywall plaster paper mache and used that to shape the metal heart. He also described how all the steps allowed many people to volunteer and contribute to the project...which is something I'm really struggling with. I mean, I don't even know what I'm doing. How the hell am I going to find things for volunteers to do?! It really gave me hope!

However, the extra steps to create the forms and the cost of the wood to make the forms worries me. I talked to my CAD designer about it and she said cardboard is viable option. Ooooooo!!!

3D Cats

I'm hoping to do a trial run on construction a cat head with this method.

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