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Another successful fundraising season. We raised 94% of our $8K goal with Hatchfund powered by FundRazr. Not too shabby!

I have to say that it is awkward to constantly ask friends and strangers to send money to build giant cats but I'm so grateful for the response. I can pay for the welding wire and gas that is exceeding my expectations in cost - of course, I've never built giant cats so how do you budget for that? I'm also waiting for a quote on powder coating all three sculptures so they won't rust away. And a big chunk of the budget goes to transporting the cats to and from Burning Man. $5K. Meowch! My dream is that one of the cats makes its way to the The American Museum of the House Cat in North Carolina. I don't know how we can do this and I feel like there's another fundraiser coming up. The gentleman who runs the museum uses the proceeds to fund his no-kill cat shelter. Purr... So, if you have access to a truck that can transport a 300lb cat sculpture AND I can ride with it that would be pretty cool.

We're now working on Cat #3. We built the form on Friday - thank you

Bama (3D modeler and CAD designer of the Purr Pods) and Llano. We knocked it out in about 3 hours. I got it covered in chicken wire and started with the drywall papier-mâché process on Sunday with Rolf and Will's help. Yay!

Taking a much needed shop day break today. Catching up on emails, working on financial stuff for the Purr Pods as well as packaging the last round of Thank Mews for the catributors.

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