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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Holy crapcats! This past month or so has been a blur. No matter how well you plan, there are always last minute things that you can't control. We were really working hard on installing the lights and sound in a way to hide the wires. We went with wire loom and floral wire for the win!

Many long days but we were pretty good at packing up and heading for home before 10pm most nights.

The last couple of days before the truck showed up for the sculptures were insane! Will and I worked at least 40+ hours straight. We had the first cat lit and tested by 3am the day the truck was rolling in! He was soldering the board and installing the components well into morning. I ran home and packed up all the other bins going on the truck and it took 3 carloads to get it all there. (Both of my VWs were in the shop!)

Friends and family showed up in time to help us pack all the remaining bins and luckily the truck was running a bit late and Will was able to diagnose a bit of a lighting issue in Vega but didn't get her tested before we started loading.

I still can't believe how hard everyone worked.

I had a week to pack and my bus, Miss Zora, came out of the shop running like a champ.

I made it on playa on the 20th and hit the ground running, checking in with the Artery, persuading them to move the Purr Pods into deep playa (never hurts to ask and bring cat cookies!), getting placed by the same wonderful guy who placed Stardust last year. Yay, Darrell!!! Got the flatbed dropped off and finally met my driver, Tom Breen, in person. Then had to arrange for a forklift and got the kitties on the ground for the night. That was a huge day!

On the 21st we started installing lights, digging trenches for electrical and ethernet. Got the perimeter lights set up and the bike racks built. Next day we worked on electrical - always the most difficult. Had some issues and luckily I had reception and was able to walk through problems over the phone. We made the deadline of being up and running 100% by Saturday before the event.

I didn't unpack or set up my camp for several days and I have to admit it was pretty awesome to be able to drive to the site every day.

Things are a little hazy still but overall the Purr Pods did what I had intended them to do...and then some. They lit up beautifully, purred when touched and meowed a lot. People enjoyed them and I heard over and over again that they made people miss their kitties at home. I saw people hug them and smile and even cry. I can't really express how that made me fell. I was able to check on media coverage once Will made it to camp and set up our internet. Pretty cool! I'm still collecting the links to the articles. I am so grateful to so many people. As my fatigue and fog clear up I will write more about those folks and how wonderful they were - and are! - for supporting me and this project. I couldn't be more thrilled at the experience. Now to find the kitties a home!!!

Looking for buyers and supports of public art. Spread the word and Purr Pod love.


More pictures here! Final Push

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