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Swirly Cats

More variations of cat art? Yes, purrlease! >^..^<

These kitties are made from the same mild steel rings I use to create the Demure Le Purr cat sculptures.

It started with the idea of creating a heart (Tough Love) for the Bring Back Love art show at Mom & Pop Art Shop in Point Richmond, CA. I shared a photo and I got some orders and requests for different designs. Yay!

The way I laid out the rings makes the shapes look swirly. So the Swirly Cats were born!

They are approximately 12" x 12" and sprayed with a rust inhibiting clear coat.

I brought a few of up to my hometown of Portland, OR when I brought the Glow Cats there for the Portland Winter Light Festival (PWLF2022). Since one of the Glow Cats was being displayed at GiftyKitty (an ameowzing store dedicated to cat art!!!) for the festival, the Swirly Cats, along with my Gravel Cats, are now available at the store!

Or get your Swirly Cats (or other Swirly Sculptures) directly from me! $150 + shipping

Shoot me an email: purrpods (at) gmail (dot) com

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