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That's A Wrap/Next Work Party

Cat Form #1 is covered is chicken wire. Took me about 18-20 hours. Sheesh!

Lots of blood was shed, lots of swearing was heard. Luckily I worked during the week days while there wasn't a lot of folks in the shop.

Next up - drywall papier-mâché! We will slather the mesh with two rounds of newspaper/brown paper bags (bring brown paper bags if you have extras!) and drywall mud to finish the shape of the cat. The drywall mud is fire resistant which makes it perfect to tack weld the metal as we sculpt the cat.

We also have lots of wire wheel work to clean the metal we'll be using to create decorative and structural elements in each sculpture. We could start tackling the weed overgrowth in the storage yard by spraying a natural weed killer mix of vinegar, epsom salts and original Dawn dish soap. Lots to do!


Saturday, April 27th, 12 noon - 6pm and Sunday, April 28th, 12 noon - 6pm.

We can work later if the mood strikes.

Show up anytime**, leave whenever you need to.


Terra Incognita, 420 Ohio Avenue, Richmond CA, 94804.


Be prepared to get dirty and hot.

Bring work gloves and a water bottle.

We'll have drinks and snacks.

**Please let me know when you're coming,

include your phone number, by sending me an email:

purrpods (at) gmail (dot) com.

And sign up for future work party announcements here.

I'll add you to the Mailchimp list.

Thank mew! >^..^<

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