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The Meowltiverse

(Screen shot from my friend Yomi of We Are From Dust) Burning Man 2020 went virtual this year and the Purr Pods made two places. Multiverse indeed! Or as I'm calling it, The Meowltiverse. Heather "Bama" Blaikie's 3D files for the original Purr Pods plywood forms went out to a few artists who planned to create virtual Purr Pods for the upcoming virtual Burning Man. My campmate Bingo! (from VW Bus Camp and Leopard Lounge), his friend Pearl and another friend and former campmate, Waterwheel, created the cats and got them on playa! Meowzers! Both versions of the kitties are located in the BRCvr. One set is in front of my beloved VW Bus Camp and Leopard lounge. Go through the 3 O'Clock Portal from the main event page then the portal to VW Bus Camp and Leopard Lounge will be nearby. Can't miss it! The other set is out on the inner playa by Videogasm. When you enter the event head out toward The Man and to the left. I am totally NOT a techy and have never really explored virtual reality but this multiverse is a blast! The program and experience got a nice write up in Fast Company with a Purr Pods mention!!! Purr.... I've been taking pictures and selfies while exploring virtual Burning Man. I know, I know. Be in the moment. But this is such a strange moment in time! How could I NOT take pictures in a multiverse? Find out more about the time leading up to Burning Man 2020 going virtual. And explore all the Multiverses while you can.

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