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The Next Lives!

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

The Purr Pods are home from Burning Man and getting prepared for their next lives.

Two of them - Vega and Luna - are heading for the Point San Pablo Harbor to be purrmanent residents for the next year.

Scooby Doo is heading to North Carolina to live at the American Museum of the House Cat to help them raise money for their no-kill shelter. I'm hoping to drive him there myself!

First step after they arrived was removing all the electronics. They we powered washed them and transported them to a local company that bead blasted them and powder coated them black to protect them from rust. I love black kitties!!

Next, Scooby Doo came to live at my house for the winter and Vega and Luna get their electronics and new lights installed before moving to

Point San Pablo Harbor.

Stay tuned!

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