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Took a Pawse

Brought Stardust to Maker Faire in San Mateo May 15th-20th, worked one day on the Purr Pods then headed to my hometown of Portland, Oregon to - guess what? - cat sit! :)

It felt weird to be away from the project but I did research on capacitive touch and sound reactive sensors and a variety of potential diffusion and seating material.

I met a welder at Maker Faire who is very interested in helping out on the Purr Pods and I hope we meet this week. Having a professional welder - with structural welding experience! - on the team will make the sculptures strong and safe. My other two welder friends are super busy right now but I hope they can join us in July. Yay! I picked up the plywood pieces for Cat Form #2 today from SoulMind Studios. They will live in my VW Bus until the first cat is ready to roll into the side yard for lighting, sound and vibration. Heather Blaikie will be designing Cat #3 in the next month.

Still looking for crew members so we can ramp up on creating these kitties. There'll be lots of buy work as well as specialized needs such as LED lighting/programming plus sound design and effects, installation and programming.

Sign up here!

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