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Updated: Jan 20

Molly Gregory created another astounding illustration for me to provide a much better example of my vision for Trust.

Submitted my full proposal for both Trust and Otter Space on Tuesday, January 10, 2023. Eeeeeee!!! Now we wait.

Trust Concept

I've been dreaming of making a giant cat butt inspired art installation for years. Seriously!

When a cat shows you her butt, she absolutely trusts you. She's like, "Here! You're my human and I feel good about it." And it's funny!

My current idea is to create a ring of cat sculptures with their butts in the air, buttholes facing inward. Each butthole is decorated differently.

People stand inside the "ring of trust." In addition to the decorative buttholes, there will be a list of trust exercises posted inside the circle for people to try with each other. Maybe encourage people to share moments when they trusted themselves or others and describe what happened.

I submitted a Letter of Intent for this idea for this year's Black Rock City Honoraria - because you never know!!! - and was invited to submit a full proposal!!!

I love this idea of creating a safe space through humor and could really run with it.


AND I was invited to submit a full proposal for another project I've been thinking about for a couple of years, Otter Space! That has its own website so go check it out!

Otter Space BRC Honoraria LOI image submission and invitation for full proposal.

Very excited about all of this. Now to work on those proposals!

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