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Volunteers: Paws on the Ground!

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

We're getting close to build time and I'm looking for locals to help. We'll have some long hours as some of the tasks just take time. Even a couple of hours here and there will really help out!

Here's the plan:

* Build a rolling build platform

* Build a full size cat form from slotted plywood piece

* Cover and shape cat with hardware cloth and mesh

* Cover cat with at least two layers of drywall mud papier-mâché

* Slice a variety of pipe sizes into circles

* Bend 1/4" metal rod around cat form & decide where cat can be joined/bolted

* Tack weld rod and circles into full cat sculpture

* Cut away sections to remove sculpture from form

* Finish welding, creating built-in bench and deciding how to fasten the parts

* Potentially add metal mesh for diffusion...still deciding on that

* Take sculpture parts to be power coated

* Move powder coated cat into side yard

* Lighting/Sound/Vibration installation/testing begins (we'll have a carport for shelter)

* Repeat (except for building the platform) x 2

Of course we can overlap tasks and surely evolve the process.

But you can see that we'll need a lot of hands and that many of the tasks will not require special skills.

I'll be working days and evenings, weeknights and weekends so there are lots of opportunities to help out.

Here is the form for Volunteer Interest.

You can check off your availability, interests and list any mad skills you can bring to the Purr Pods.

This creates a list for me to send out work party information.

Thank you!!

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