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Updated: 3 days ago

About to set sail!

Lights, petting pads, purring, action! Bristol Boo is wired, programmed and just about wrapped up for her trip across the ocean. Waiting for her shipping crate to be built, then we'll get her packed, sealed up and delivered to the Oakland port. Had my final walk through before we replaced her U.S.A. power plug for a U.K. plug. I'm sure going to miss her.


Update in the COVID-19 world.

Bristol Boo is built! I spent two wonderful months in a new shop with friends making another Purr Pod. Purr... It's a weird time. When everything first started shutting down, I wasn't sure if I could get the supplies I needed to start the build. I had to buy equipment I was hoping to borrow because no one knew if you could share stuff yet. Luckily, my shop mates are very pandemic savvy and cautious. It was actually nice to have a place to go several days a week!

My friends, Wes and Kevin, helped with moving the cat, some welding and fabrication. June Cat loaned me her welder. Rebecca gave me great advice. Michael offered up his trailer. Jill made her new collar. But I can honestly say I welded the whole cat by myself! I thought I would be really good when I was done but still have some skills to build. It still felt good! Boo is currently in my driveway, all wired up and ready for electronics. We're still trying to figure out how to get her to Bristol (DIY crating, how best to ship her, etc.) but this whole virus thing has taught everyone to just slow the fuck down. It'll happen. And I'm so grateful for being able to make art.


Yes! The Purr Pods are going international and you can help! (Fundraiser has ended.)

We Are From Dust helped me bring Luna and Vega to Point San Pablo Harbor in December 2019. Now they are fundraising to bring more art to more places around the world.

And because they believe in me and that ART IS ESSENTIAL, new a Purr Pod, along with the two from PSPH, are going to Bristol in the UK!!!

I'm re-using the form I used to create Luna and Cat #4 (Purrsonal Purr Pod) to build Cat #5! The form sat under a tarp outside for nearly 4 months. Meowch! We moved it to Wes Skinner's new shop. And because my normal metal shop is closed during the COVID-19 I had a majority of the new ring delivered there the same day we were making space for the kitty. Can't wait to begin!

My friend, Yomi Ayeni, Chief Instigator at We Are From Dust, interviewed me from London for WAFD's first episode of their new podcast. Listen here!


We Are From Dust needs your help to make this happen.

Please share their passion and this Indiegogo fundraising campaign** with every art - and cat! - loving friend you have! Every single donation, in any amount, is greatly appreciated.

**Fundraiser has ended.

Thank mew! >^..^<

We always welcome collaborators in this creative adventure. Meow!

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