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I love cats. I have six black cats and two tabbies, all rescues. Why not make an art installation about something I love?

Cats are my world but not everyone is into them. Some people are allergic or think their poop will make them crazy. Others think they’re sneaky and evil. I want my installation to soothe the skeptic with the power of purring. Cats purr with a frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz, which can be calming and healing. Citizens pet pads located on the cats, triggering purring that resonates throughout the sculptures and, hopefully, into the body and souls of the participants.

Cats purr at luscious, vibrating frequencies. These frequencies are known to be therapeutic and calming. 


I set out to create an installation that purrs and heals Black Rock City participants through touch and sound, transforming over-stimulated and stressed humans into blissed-out kitty cats. Purr Pods!


Of course, not everybody digs cats. So I’d also like to shed some light on myths and superstitions about black cats and draw attention to the importance of spaying and neutering, adopting and caring for ferals with messages on acrylic discs. These were attached to the original sculptures at Burning Man.

Follow the brainstorming: Purr Pods and Laser Eyes of Love and my QUEST blog on this website.

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Purr Pods
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