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My 2019 Black Rock City Honoraria Grant cycle Letter of Intent for the Purr Pods was accepted on December 14, 2018 and I was invited to submit a full proposal.


I submitted it on January 12, 2019 before the January 15th deadline. Grantees were notified by February 21, 2019.  
The Purr Pods received the grant!!!!!!

Here is the public announcement:
Introducing the 2019 Black Rock City Honoraria

In the mean time, I'm exploring additional funding options because you always forget something - fundraising (we had a very successful Hatchfund (powered by FundRazr campaign - 94% of our goal!), possibly hosting fun events, selling body parts, etc. I've found affordable workspace (where I can weld!) and an interesting storage solution. I'm talking to other welders, sculptures, artists, and technical folks about their experience, seeking their advice on equipment, processes, procedures, etc. And I've been doing extensive research on the materials and methods on how the heck I'm going to do this! 


The Purr Pods need a build team! Paws on the ground in Richmond, CA. Sign up here!

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Black Rock City Honoraria Grant Notification - No Pressure!