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Hesperian Triangle

July 7, 2022

A big thank mew to Point San Pablo Harbor for hosting my kitties over the last couple of years and to We Are From Dust for getting them there from Burning Man in 2019.

It was bittersweet loading them up for their new year-long installation at the Hesperian Triangle in San Leandro as part of an ongoing city beautification endeavor.

I am honored to have been selected by San Leandro's Arts Commission and supported by Local Artists Berkeley (website will be updated soon!). Hopefully, the cats will bring joy to neighbors and visitors for the next year.

And another thank mew to the ameowzing folks who rallied to help me install the cats in their new home. Tom Breen (transport extraordinaire!), Rory, Mark, Michael, Merrilee, and Evo. We did it!!!

We'll have electricity in the coming months and the Purr Pods will purr and light up once again soon! Stay tuned for events!

You can see them at 14901 E. 14th Street in San Leandro, CA.


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