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MIG Welding

Last year I had tons of welding help while creating the Purr Pods.

Ross Asselstine was the first one to help out and he got us on the ground running. He worked so hard and helped me figure out so much. Neither one of us had built a giant cat before so it was a huge learning process.

Ryon Gesink came in next to reinforce what we had built. He recommended USA Metals. I thought I was going to have to order my metal online.

Then Hannah Jackson spent hours with her welding helmet down, making the cats strong.

Wes Skinner helped finish the cats and came up with a creative solution to create a brace to hold up eat heart using the same rings we used to create the sculptures. He had the idea to use rings in the first place!

I did a lot of the tack welding on the sculptures but it's time to step up! I need to know without a doubt that I can weld an entire cat by myself. So I took a week-long MIG class at The Crucible for the new year. Check it out!

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