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Grinding and Test Driving

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Yep, More grinding. So much grinding. But with a twist!

So much to grind and we're running out of time! Have you used an angle grinder? Would you like to learn how?

Here's the twist... Depending on which day we have the most people helping with grinding (we need that the most!), we will order pizza, stand on a cat, add people on the cat (while eating pizza?) and note where the cat needs reinforcement. Then we'll move another cat into position and repeat. So let me know that you're coming ASAP so we can get a head count.

What: Come to the shop and grind and stand on the Purr Pods!

If you're good with structural engineering, we need your advice!

If you're good with lighting, we could use your advice in that department as well!

Where: Terra Incognita 420 Ohio Avenue Richmond, CA

When: Saturday, July 13th and Sunday, July 14th, anytime between 12 noon and 5pm (or if you're available at other times, we'd love to have you!)

Why: There are thousands of welds on the Purr Pods. We'd like them to be smooth so they don't tear off flesh...although kitties kinda do that. >^..^<

AND we need to see where the kitties need structural reinforcement.

Always plan for the monkeys! So many monkeys out there.

Wear cotton clothing to protect your body from sparks and flecks of metal. Also wear closed toe shoes. If you have leather or good leather work gloves, bring them. We have extras but they are on the large end of sizing.

I have eye and ear protection, several grinders (bring one if you can!) and a whole bunch of flap discs.

We'll show you how to properly and safely use an angle grinder.

You can work as long as you'd like. Grinding is hard on the body so I recommend lots of breaks and wrist and forearm stretches.

Snacks and beverages on hand.


Let me know you're coming (or what other days/times you're available) by emailing me at purrpods (at) gmail (dot) com.

If you'd like to help or know someone in the Bay Area who would be interested, here is the sign up form for work parties:

I'll add you to the Mailchimp list.

Follow the journey:

Thank mew! >^..^<

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