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Sculpture in the Garden 2022

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

June 14, 2022

My Mini Vega Demure Le Purr cat sculpture spent the summer at the Ruth Bancroft Garden & Nursery in Walnut Creek, CA just in time for their 28th Annual Sculpture in the Garden 2022 show. This is extra special for me because also exhibited with my friends, Wes Skinner and Kevin Byall, who both had amazing sculptures in the show!

Opening Night is was Friday, June 17th, starting at 5:30pm and the show ran through August.

If you're in the Bay Area, join us next year!


June 11, 2022

Spent the afternoon on Thursday, June 9th with Kevin and Wes installing their sculptures at the Ruth Bancroft Garden & Nursery in preparation for the Sculpture in the Garden 2022 Show. What a beautiful place!

I'll return to the garden to install my Mini Vega Demure Le Purr sculpture on Tuesday, June 14th just in time for the opening of the show on Friday, June 17th.

When I pulled my cat sculpture off our garage roof, I noticed her UV-reactive painted rings were really faded and she just didn't look that good. I want her to pop in that garden! So I brought her over to Pacific Galvanizing in Oakland to get her sandblasted (by nearby Leon's Powder Coating) and galvanized for long-term outdoor living. That took longer than I expected so my cat was not ready to install with Wes and Kevin's sculptures.

Got her back on Wednesday and spent the entire day on Friday, June 10th, cleaning up the galvanizing drips and getting her shiny. Pacific Galvanizing sent me pictures and video of her going through the process. Pretty fascinating!

As you can see, this is a time consuming process but doesn't she look pretty?! >^..^<


One of my Demure Le Purr cats will be on display at the 28th annual Ruth Bancroft Garden & Nursery Sculpture in the Garden 2022 Show! I'm bringing the Mini Vega cat - formerly a Glow Cat for The Gardens of Lake Merritt's Autumn Lights Festival and the Portland Winter Light Festival (PDXWLF2022) in Oregon - since she's the biggest. She'll be sandblasted and galvanized, shiny and bright in the garden over the summer.

I get to participate with my buddies, Wes Skinner and Kevin Byall, too! We'll be installing our pieces on the same day.

The event is June 17th through August 28th.

I'll post updates here. Stay tuned! >^..^<

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