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Mini Kitties aka Demure Le Purr

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April 12, 2021

The first Demure Le Purr is back from the powder coater. Meowzers!


The Purr Pods had kittens! I've been developing mini versions (1/3 scale) of the Purr Pods for awhile now in collaboration with the very talented Heather Blaikie and my favorite CNC folks, SoulMind Studios, since pre-pandemic.

People really dig the Purr Pods but not everyone can squeeze a 13ft. giant steel kitty into their homes or yards. Go figure! These mini kitties (or Demure Le Purr!) are super adorable and portable. I can carry them and they fit in my VW Bus with ease. Purrr...

I buckled down recently and finished one using the "Luna" form. It turned out better than I had imagined. The first one will be traveling with me to Salt Lake City late April/early May when I deinstall the Purr Pods on display at the Galivan Center. The new sculpture will go into a brand new art gallery!!! I'm really excited about that. I have yet to choose a color but I'm leaning toward chartreuse (colors on the Peek-a-Boo Purr Pods below) and calling it "Spring Kitten." We'll be fabricating a platform similar to the platform built by Wesley Skinner and Kevin Byall for the full-sized Luna. We called it The Bean (pictures below).

I'm taking commissions on these sculptures, offering three poses and in any color possible. My plan is to make one of each pose and take them all with me to Burning Man (if it happens) so they can become an art installation at our camp to engage people passing by or maybe somewhere out on the open playa for discovery. The sculptures will absorb some love and excitement at Burning Man. And when I bring the sculptures home, I'll clean, prep and powder coat them. Then they'll be ready for "adoption."

Inquiries for big and mini kitties commissions: purrpods (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank mew! >^..^<

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